Some places may be so different, that going from one to another is like arriving on a completely new world. Each place has its own landscapes, its own history. Both of these aspects, by the way, are always reflected on its people and its culture.

And culture isn’t a small thing. Culture is traditions, languages, arts. And the arts include as well music, literature, architecture, cinema. Each one of these subjects has so much to explore, so many layers, that they are small worlds on themselves.

That’s where the name of the blog comes from: Sobremundos. It means About worlds, both in Portuguese and in Spanish.

Sobremundos is, above all, a travel blog, which aims to explore popular or exotic destinations, from the perspective that looking to another culture is always an opportunity to learn, to live     new experiences and to overthrow prejudice. I am quite eclectic on my trips, so here you’ll find posts for both nature lovers and city explorers, hikers and people watchers.

Here is also the place for the ones who discovers places through their stomachs. Definitely, that is my downfall and kitchen is one of my favorite destinations. That’s why I also intend to go into a gastronomic investigation, finding out recipes and the stories behind them, on the section On the table.

I am also supportive of teleportation and time travelers. Although all those scientists keep trying to find the way to do it, I’ve got the solution on my mind: my books, my music, my movies. Getting to know foreign cultures is crucial for learning what exists beyond our walls and be critic about it. For many people travelling is not available, or sometimes the places themselves are not accessible, when they are under conflicts for example, and that’s when we need to know about them the most. Besides, anyone knows how to get to Garcia Márquez’s Macondo, if not through the pages of A hundred years of solitude?

Trips are opportunities to get to know people. I often travel alone, I love the freedom to take my time. But it is also so easy to make friends along the way, and I have met wonderful people. It’s wise to be cautious, but the news gives the wrong impression about the world. There is kind people everywhere, and they’re easier to find when we are also kind and respectful. Travels make us more understandable and broad-minded people.

That’s why Sobremundos main purpose is to encourage every kind of journeys, to the other hemisphere or inside home, for a week or for good, as long as we are open-minded, and with the promise of coming back as better people than when we left.

Our experience’s going to be much more fun if you also participate! I am counting on your comments, and that’s why Sobremundos is a multilingual blog! Here everyone is welcome and I hope we can create a Community of readers, with as many points of views as possible.

Enjoy the journey!