A 27 years old girl from São Paulo, who decided to change her life and has moved to Barcelona. Or a geologist who changed her mind and decided to be a journalist. This is the short version of my story, but if you are curious, I can tell you more.

I always wanted to travel and get to know the whole world, I can’t even remember the day when it was not my major concern in life. When I was a child, I used to read the Atlas and encyclopedias. I used to say that I was going to be a journalist and work for the National Geographic. But things change and when I was 16 and was going to choose my career, I found out about Geology, that science that studies the Earth’s structure and how it was formed (short explanation). As wise as I was, I thought it would be cool to be an adventurous scientist, some sort of Indiana Jones.

Geology has taught me that behind a beautiful scenery, there’s always much more than we can see at a glance. If we go anywhere on the planet, this same spot probably has a billion years’ history.  The Grand Canyon, the Himalayans, the fjords in Norway, the volcanoes in Hawaii, all of them are some of Geology’s masterpieces.

As a geologist, I had the opportunity to work in places like Brazilian’s backwoods (Sertão, in Portuguese), Venezuelan’s Caribbean, the Uruguayan’s pampas, amongst others. On those places, where no one ever considers traveling to, because they are poor, or dangerous, or because people have never heard about them, I found beautiful landscapes and kind people who could teach me a lot with their lifestyles, so different of my own.

Although I liked my job a lot, I had that persistent wish of writing down stories, in a creative way and that everyone could enjoy. And that’s it. As a true millennial, I left everything behind me, moved to Spain, enrolled myself on a Traveling Journalism Master’s and decided to dedicate my time to this project. I hope you like it!